Lawyer Profile

Based in downtown Guelph next to the Ontario Court of Justice, the Firm operates from an intelligent approach to law, litigation and conflict resolution.

As an immigration lawyer, Siobhan’s interest starts with her experience crossing the Atlantic Ocean as a child with her family from Salisbury, Wiltshire then by train from Montreal to Edmonton in 1965. An alumnus of University of Alberta 1978; 1984-85, and Dalhousie Law School, 1989. Siobhan attended schools in England, Alberta, Ireland, Ontario and the West Coast.

Family Law is an important and loved practice; the best interests of children is paramount to the cases and agreements taken on. Siobhan has a long standing and evolving   experience in Family Law including Divorce, Separation Agreements and cases involving Children’s Aid Societies. She started her practice in immigration law in 1991 with a focus on admission to and removal from Canada and on spousal sponsorships where there is a genuine relationship. She practices criminal defense work and enjoys drafting Wills and helping to resolve disputes involving wills and estates. These areas combine to assist clients in the legal matters that concern themselves and their families.

With an interest in the arts and sciences, and as an advocate for human and animal health through good care and a healthy environment,  Siobhan enjoys a variety of legal work and takes pride in good draftsmanship and presentation.

Working either from start to finish on a case or as a periodic consultant in your legal process, the practice strives to be a guide to and advocate in the judicial systems of Guelph, Wellington County, Milton and Toronto.

The firm takes a special interest in legal issues arising from same sex relationships.

Outside Law, Siobhan’s interests include:

  • Her daughter Meghan and three grandchildren Audrey, Linden and Alice
  • Environmental and Justice work and advocacy
  • Keeping bees and walking in the woods and country side
  • Gardening with fruits, herbs and vegetables
  • Animals and animal welfare notably in agriculture
  • Supporting women’s hockey
  • Supporting organic, local farming and community activities
  • Poetry, theatre and Music
  • Creative writing and good conversation

Siobhan has practiced as a Registered Massage Therapist qualifying in Toronto in 1983.

(Siobhan is pronounced “Shavaun”)