Serving the people of Guelph, Wellington County, Milton and Toronto for 26 years

In 1989 I tackled my first custody trial while an articling student, winning custody for a father of three. Once qualified I established my practice in downtown Guelph in 1991 on Dublin Street and then on Surrey Street East where we (my staff and I have been since 1993). I am a sole practitioner who has taken on many challenging cases over the years. My goal has always been to provide clients with direct, personal service with a positive outcome. I practice family law with an interest in human relationships, the well being of my clients and their children.

To assist with family matters,  I qualified as a mediator in 1994. I’ll assist you through a negotiation process to maximize your outcome and explain the parameters of success in the context of the law.  Sometimes litigation is a necessary element and if so, I act decisively to get the issues before a judge.  Where defending you against criminal charges is your need,  I work for you with a keen interest in the current state of the law and how your rights are affected. I’ll do my best to get you through the court process and work for your liberty.

I have experience with cross border issues, foreign divorces and with a multiplicity of areas of the law. If you or a family member are incarcerated I will work with your situation whether its a family law matter, an immigration law query or a criminal law matter. Admissibility to Canada, cross border and family related immigration issues are all part of my practice. Contact me to arrange a full consultation or for summary legal advice.

I am able to put the facts and the law into perspective to give you a much clearer understanding of where you are and what we can achieve so that you can move on with your life.

Compassionate representation and Integrity from a lawyer with your best interests in mind

Areas of law
At Hanley Law Office, I am happy to offer my services in a variety of legal matters, including:

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For legal assistance in Guelph, Wellington County, Milton or downtown Toronto, call my office at 519-824-2586 or contact me online to schedule an appointment today. The office in Guelph is conveniently located downtown next to the Ontario Court of Justice and within walking distance from our other court houses. [email protected] (519) 824-2586